From Moonrise till Dawn

Duncan Gillies MacLaurin: From Moonrise till Dawn. A Cycle of Poetry and Songs

NordØsten NordOsten Books 2013, 125 pages, Ebook, epub, 257 KB

ISBN 978-87-91493-39-3

49,50 DKK 

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In each of the final 13 sonnets in From Moonrise till Dawn a 14-word aphorism appears when only the first word in each line is read.

Patrick Gillespie about Duncan Gillies MacLaurin’s poetry and songs:

“His combined sense of meter, rhythm and phrase is powerful – and among the most accomplished of any poet currently writing traditional poetry. This acrostic form he’s created is a bravura show-piece. There are probably only a handful (meaning fingers on one hand) of poets who could manage it as slyly and insouciantly.”

“master of the sonnet (…) These rhymed and rhythmical poem-songs show great structural skill, and are clever, knowing, lyrical and funny.” Robert Wilkinson, editor of The Passionate Transitory

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